Interior Design Show House

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Over the summer, I got to see a local interior design show house that showcased local interior designers! It is a historical house, which normally isn’t my style, but it was really cool to see some of the original design details being implemented into the more transitional designs.
Here is the exterior of the house. I love the columns in the front, along with the huge front door (you can’t really see that in this picture).

One of my favorite rooms in the house was the dining room! It had a very classy turquoise, brown, and green color scheme, and their were a lot of metallic details.I apologize for the bad picture quality!

As I said before, this is a historical house, so there are original architectural and design details still there. Take this built-in shelf. You can see the original medallions in the corners, so it really plays out with the metallic wallpaper. You can even tell that it is the original shelf because it is slightly slanted in comparison with the ceiling!

Then there was the foyer. Now, since this is a historical house, the designers avoided ultra-modern designs and kept to a generally muted color palette. That is, except in the foyer! This room had floor to ceiling faux finish and was accented with blue and orange. Yes, the chairs have a traditional shape, but they are much more contemporary!


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