Bathroom Update on a Budget

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Up until recently, the bathroom my sister and I share had gold builder-grade knobs, a magnetic kids calendar, and so sea shell art. I wanted to change that! So, I did two simple things to transform the space on a budget.
1. New knobs! I replaced the gold ones with simple, more contemporary silver ones. At $2.00 a knob, this cost only $8.00!
2. New wall art of course! I found a set of nine 8-inch x 8-inch canvases at Target for $49.99. Use a $10 off coupon, and it was a good deal! Less than $5.00 a canvas! Six of them went on one wall…
Two of them went on the wall above the toilet atop shelves we found in our house…
And the other one was extra, so it went on my bookshelf!

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