Winter Essentials 2016

Friday, November 17, 2017

Winter is one of my favorite seasons, because it's so cozy and is filled with holiday spirit! Here are a few of my favorite essentials for the winter season:
*Knit Scarves
*Fuzzy Socks
*Warm Apple Cider
*Comfy Sweaters
What are your winter essentials this year? :)

New Room Color!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A few months ago, I repainted my room from turquoise to gray! I also added a new comforter (Bed, Bath, & Beyond), new shelves (Urban Outfitters), and a few new pillows!

Pinterest Finds

Friday, April 14, 2017

Like pretty much everyone else, I can get sucked into Pinterest for hours on end, just looking at fashion, interior design, crafts, and photography. Even though a lot of the common Pinterest hacks don't actually work, there are a few things that I've found to be super helpful on the site! 
1. Sometimes it's difficult to sort out the good sewing projects, tutorials, and tips wtih so many to be found online. Pinterest seems to have a really good mix of all things sewing, and I've gotten tons of ideas and tips by scrolling through.
2. As someone with curly hair, I never know how it's going to look when I wake up in the morning, so this Pinterest idea is a life-saver. If the curls are a  little bit crazy, I put them in a side braid and run my flat iron over it. When I'm finished, they're are much calmer! The best part is, this takes less than 3 minutes! 
3. I've been working a lot over the past year to improve my blog, and Pinterest has some great ideas on how to increase traffic, use social media, and everything in between!

What are your favorite Pinterest hacks?

Small Room Hacks

Friday, March 17, 2017

Having a small room can be hard, especially if you have a lot of furniture that you want to fit into it, so I've come up with a few ideas on how to make the most of a smaller room!
  • Storage Baskets: These can be used for anything, from blankets and pillows to books and magazines!
  • Nightstand alternative: If you don't have a lot of room for a nightstand, try a nightshelf! I use the bottom shelf of my wall bookshelves as a nightstand where I have tissues, water, a book, and a few other things I might need.
  • Jacket Hooks: In a small room, it's important to use every bit of space, so try putting a jacket hook to hang purses, scarves, and coats on behind a door.
  • Wall Bookshelves: I've talked about these before, but putting bookshelves on the wall is a really good place to store books and knick-knacks instead of taking up floor space.
Do you have any ideas for ways to save space in a small room?

iPad Blogger Essentials

Friday, February 10, 2017

Hey guys, I'm super excited to share these iPad blogger essentials with you today, especially because I've found myself using these tools more and more lately. Here are my current favorites:

  • Google calendar: I use this to schedule all of my posts, and also to schedule when I'm writing each post! I like to write blog posts about a month ahead of time so if for some reason something comes up and I don't have time to work on posts, I won't miss a Friday of posting!
  • Reminders: I've used this app a few times over the past couple of years, but lately I've been using it a lot more! It's perfect for planning blog posts!
  • Autodesk Homestyler: I've posted about this before, but it is my absolute favorite app! I use it to practice designing, and just to have fun with.
  • Pinterest: I'm sure everyone knows what Pinterest is, but of course, it's perfect for any home design-lovers out there!
  • Notes: The notes app on the iPad is so nice for planning blog posts, especially on the go so I don't lose any of my notes that I handwrite. 
What are some of  your favorite blogger essentials? :)

'Let it Snow' Painted Pillow

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sometimes it's hard finding the fabric you want for a DIY decorative throw pillow, so why not design the fabric yourself! Sew a pillow using plain white cotton fabric (see below for a sewing tutorial) and use craft paint to write words or draw designs on it! Since it's January, I chose to paint the phrase "Let it Snow" in blue, and add metallic silver snowflakes. What words or drawings would you put on your painted pillow? 

See my decorative pillow tutorial here!