25 Days of Holiday Cheer

Friday, December 1, 2017

All you need is a glass jar, colored paper, and a list of fun winter activities. Just write each activity (25 in total) on a piece of paper and put them in the jar. Every day, pick out a piece of paper, do the activity, and enjoy the holiday spirit! Here are the 25 activities I used:
1. Ice skating
2. Caroling
3. Decorate a christmas tree
4. Christmas tree shopping
5. Bake cookies
6. Build a gingerbread house
7. Listen to christmas music
8. Christmas movie marathon
9. Read the night before christmas
10. Send someone a christmas card
11. Hang up twinkle lights
12. Drink hot chocolate
13. Eat a candy cane
14. Write a letter to santa
15. DIY christmas tree ornament
16. Decorate your room
17. Bring cookies to a neighbor
18. Write your own christmas song
19. Wear christmas pajamas
20. Build a snowman
21. Drink apple cider
22. Make a christmas board game
23. Go see christmas lights
24. Christmas shopping
25. Make a christmas card

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